Monday, August 15, 2011


While pregnant with Baby Drew I haven't had too many cravings.  Really I can only think of one before last night.  I craved a Texadelphia Philly Cheese Steak right before I found out I was pregnant and just recently fulfilled that craving by meeting a past coworker for dinner.  Last night, while grocery shopping these little friends had to find there way into my basket ASAP. 
They were priced at a ridiculous price of $3.77 for that small box, but it just didn't matter they had to find their way into my mouth as soon as I started up the car.  I felt like such a kid while checking out because checker just threw them in the bag and I asked her if I could have those back so that I could hold on to them.  I didn't want to waste anytime looking for those lovelys.  Besides, once in my car with the A/C blowing it took me 5 minutes to get the plastic wrap off.  I just hopped no one I knew was watching in the parking lot because I certainly looked like a woman on a mission.  Anyway, they were quite tasty and I only ate 3...okay I ate 4 and my craving for the time being has been fulfilled.  


Jessica said...

haha, funny!! No worries, I would have done the same, except I would have eaten the whole box and threw it away before my husband saw it, ha!! I don't share! :)

Stephanie said...

Love your description!!! I can just see you out there in your car. Eat up girl, you look great.