Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This and That

Good morning everyone!  I'm going to write this post fast and furious without and pictures...I know boring, but I probably have all of 10 minutes before MC wakes up and demands his first cup of coffee.  So how is everyone?  We've been quite busy around the CoccaNut House.  My cooking business, as I suspect once school started back the orders for meals started coming in like crazy.  It's nice though because I'm usually done with my work we on Tuesday...unless I get a big order like I did last night and couldn't say no because lets face it...I love cash. 

The weather in the morning in our neck of the woulds has been lovely...I never dreamed I could enjoy the low 90s as much as I am.  Yesterday I was able to fulfill my SAHM duties by taking MC on an hour bike ride through our neighborhood and throughout the bike ride he would look at me and tell me I was the best mommy in the whole wide world. 

Another funny about the little 3 year old who owns my whole heart is that he will occasionally call me Miss Jenn instead of's really funny when he says "Miss Jenn, do you want a pretzel"  I think he gets it from of few of the older kiddos that come to our house on a regular basis. 

I need shoes!  No, not fun shoes...make me feet nice and comfy shoes.  The one thing I've noticed about cooking and being on my feet for two straight day with my baby bump is that my feet throb the next morning.  I'm currently wearing my J.Crew flip flops and they're not getting the job done.  Any suggestions?

Scott is going to Vegas soon with a few of his buddies because he needs a little break before baby Drew gets here.  He does remember that I'm the one pushing a bowling ball out of my vag, not him....right?!?!  Actually, I don't really mind because I will just do a little  a lot on line shopping.  til I feel like we're even. 

Meeting a friend at this park on Friday...looks really nice and then I think we'll do lunch at Bubba's and walk around Snyder Plaza for bit. 

Having my right next door neighbor over for coffee this morning...I can't wait to catch-up with her and talk about Bachelor Pad. 

Happy Hump Day!



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