Thursday, August 25, 2011

Newest Project

Thanks to Pinterest I'm working on a new project.  I got the idea from this blog and started putting into action yesterday.  I think the idea of a advent count down with books is neat. So yesterday MC and I stopped by our local thrift store in the 107 degree heat and bought all the Christmas books they had.  I think we'll do this about every 2 weeks until I have 25 of those bad boys.  The thrift store was a great place to start our search because they we're so inexpensive...most of the books I bought were .50 and .75 cents.; the most we spent was a whopping $2.00.  Some how I managed to pick them out with out Mason even noticing.  He's a major book hound so I was slightly surprised I made it out of the store with out him spotting them.  Can't wait for Dec. 1st to start our newest Christmas tradition. 

3 down...22 to go.
Note to self: Have to get all these books rounded up before Baby Drew gets here! 

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Stephanie @ This Casita said...

I love that you're actually doing some of the Pinterest projects! I'll have to check this one out once I get my head out of the gutter - I had no idea being gone for a week would leaves things so nuts around here!