Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breakfast with a view

Good morning y'all! Lots going on around here. I picked out cabinets for our kitchen and master bathroom. Scott's chatting with General Contractor to the right of me and Scott just called me Jennifer so it's getting serious over here. LOL!

This Is the style, but we haven't picked out stain yet and we're putting glass inserts in a few of them and building a wine rack above the refrigerator.

There's a dumpster in my drive way. Hope my neighbors aren't too pissed about that.


This is what my down stairs currently looks like. The kitty cats are a little freaked out. Poor things.

#2 eating his breakfast with a few!



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Jessica said...

I am so sorry about your house and all the mess. I hope it's all fixed soon and you can get back to some normal.