Monday, July 30, 2012


This little phrase is Mason's response to anything that he gets in trouble for.  For some reason he feels that by saying that he's guaranteed he will not get into trouble. Yesterday, while riding in the car he started throwing things at his brother and calling him poop po face and other words that only little boys can come up with.  I today him that when we get home he will be receiving a spanking.  He then proceeded to tell me that when I stopped the car that he was going to jump out of the car and run away from me as fast as he could so I couldn't catch him. the time we stopped the car he forgot about the spanking that I promised.  He walked into the house and then as soon as the door shut I delivered the spanking that I promised...sneaky mommy.

Disclaimers: The spanking was on his bottom and he really wasn't even fazed by it.  The kid is tough as nails y'all. I realize spanking isn't for everyone, but here in the CoccaNuts house it's put into action every once in a while.

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