Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A glimpse into our morning

I started this morning by Mason climbing in my bed begging me to play I SPY on his Nintendo DS, so what's a mama to do...play I spy of course. Next up Drew is ready for his breakfast, but mommy needs her coffee. Mason's really great about entertaining Lil Bro while I get the coffee going. Side note...there's really not anything better then hearing sibling giggles come from the other room. After Drew nurses we usually play on the floor for a bit before getting the boys breakfast.



And Drew likes to stick his hand in his mouth after bite of his oatmeal. I think it may have something to with another round of teething. I gave him some orajel teething tablets this morning and he seemed much less grumpy.


Mason has his swim evaluation at the Rockwall Aquatic Center this afternoon and then he will start swim lesson 2-3 times a week. There's been several children drown this summer in the DFW area so Scott and I decide not to mess around and get him enrolled. He's not a fan of going under water so it should be interesting. Here's a few pictures of the place we're staying for the next few months. I really nice and I kind of feel like I'm on a little mini vacay.

Sorry for the typos...still getting use to blogging on my IPAD.


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Stephanie said...

It didn't show pictures. Boo. I love getting a glimpse into your morning.