Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just another day

So tired this morning. All of the decisions that have to be made about the house gives me tired head.  To glaze the walls or not to glaze the walls??? And who knew that glaze walls for three rooms would cost $1200...sheesh! Good news is that it's all coming together quickly.  We should be back in our home sweet home by August 18th!  We stayed there a couple of nights ago and even though we don't have a kitchen, it was soooo nice to be home.  I loved that both of our boys were fast asleep in the own beds. The guest house that we're staying in is great, but there's just no place like home.  I'm especially looking forward to be back in our house just in time for fall!  I can already picture it: windows open, football on the tv, apple crisp candle on the coffee table and a fall beer in my hand! Fall is my favorite season of all. 

We saw Griffin on Monday and he seems to be doing really well.  He was super excited to see us and really over the moon when he saw Mason. He still has about four weeks left in his BOW WOW BOOT CAMP.

A couple of days ago I received news that one of my good friends from grade school passed away.  She was thirty years old, married with three adorable boys.  Her death was very sudden and unexpected. One of her boys will start kinder in a few short weeks without his mommy and one of her boys is so young that he won't even remember her.  My heart aches for her husband and sweet boys.

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