Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday recap

I'm constantly writing blog post in my head and then when I actually have time to sit down and blog...I got nothing.

This little cutie and I took a few naps together.  I love that he still holds his giraffe love when he sleeps.  I went out an bought him that about an hour after I found our I was pregnant with him.

Swim lessons happened.  He did great and is looking forward to his next lesson.

We took a walk one evening after I put Drew down for the night.  I love when I able to have 1:1 time with him.

This guy is getting more personality by the minute.  He's a little bit more high mainatce the Mason if you can believe that. He's happy as long as I'm in arms reach.

My favorite part of the day is in the morning watching these two play while I sip on a cup of coffee.

Clean baby smell...what's not to love.

His eyes are still soooo blue. Maybe they'll stay.

These are the new floors we picked.  Next up...cabinets. 

One of my favorite blogger wrote the a great post this week.  See it here

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