Sunday, February 7, 2010

Loving my baby boy

Yesterday while enjoying a visit with my sister and Baby Landon I noticed MC nose starting to run. the time we returned home from my mom and dads it was a full fledged cold. This is Mason's second time to be sick in 19 month. The last time he was sick I was a basket case and on edge and so afraid...of what I'm not sure, but just afraid and sooo very sad that my little man didn't feel well. This time a round I still felt sad that Mason was sick, but as one of my wise friends gets easier and I realized that it does. I felt more equipped to handle it this time around and just embraced the snuggle time and extra time I spend rocking him to sleep. Yes, I had to go back up to his room twice after the initial time I put him down, but it was okay...I just loved him and held him...let him wipe his nose on my shirt as many times as he wanted and loved him! As I walk out of his room for the night in his most nasally voice he said: "Nite, Nite...Love You" I melted! He's been saying I Love You to me when I walk out of his room for the night for a while, but as bad as he felt he still had to tell me he loved me. So Blessed!!!

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Stephanie said...

I hope Mason feels better soon. Sorry we didn't get to connect today. Call me in the morning if he's not doing better.