Monday, February 8, 2010


The amount of new toothies that Mason has cut in the last few weeks has been crazy...I can't even keep up. He has four new molars and did pretty well cutting them too. I'm glad they're coming in so quick...the sooner we get them over with the happier we are at the Cocca House!!!

Today was a better day for Mason...except that I got thrown up on this morning because Mason starting coughing and had such a serious gag reflex. And just so you know...two seconds before I had just put on my new boots (one of my Christmas gifts from Scott) from Saks 5th Avenue. If anyone know how to get curdled milk off of suede boots...please tell!!!

I'm looking forward to the weekend because Scott and I have plans with our friends Kasi and Jeremiah on Saturday night. Mason is going to spend the night with my mom and dad and we are going to meet our friends for dinner at The Porch. They have the yummiest food!!! Also, this weekend I'm going to make Cake Balls. I've never made them before, but I thought they would be a nice treat for my little man.

That's all friends...hope we see warmer weather soon. Mase and I are sooo tired of being stuck in the house!!!

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