Friday, February 19, 2010

Today is going to be a great day

Happy Friday Folks!!! The sun is shinning....hallelujah! So...just found out last night that Mason has his 2nd ear infection (he got his 1st one around Christmas). The GOODNEWS is that we caught it early so he started his antibotic last night thanks to my bestie's husband. So far...knock on wood...he has seemed bother by it. Man...we've been hit by a lot lately...molars, ear infections and lots of snot...we are taking it in stride though because it doesn't even begin to compare to what this ( mother is going to through. If you haven't read her blog please know that it is heartbreaking. If you choose not to read it please say a prayer for her and her sweet baby girl Layla.

Yesterday, I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend from High School. She's getting married in Oct. and I'm in the wedding. She told me I had to bring Mason because she thinks he's boy genuious and gets the biggest laughs out of him. Let me just say I was very suprised at how good he was. So before going to the bridal boutique I bought Mason some chicken nuggets and french fries with hopes that that he would stay in his stroller. That worked for about 30 minutes and then he wanted out to get in on the action. When ever any of the girls would walk out in there big puffy dresses he would say Whoa....Wow!!! Too cute! He ran around and talk to everyone and it seemed like most people found him quite entertaining. It was a really fun day and it was great to hang out with my friends.

Okay so because this is MY blog I'm going to brag on my child that's what it's for right?!?! He's so smart ya'll!!! He communitcates so well...we totally have conversations. He loves to say..."I don't know"...and I love when he wakes up in the morning and hear on the monitor "Mommy...where's Mommy" He eats everything...except for little green trees (brocoli) as Steph tried to make him take a bite...he was not having it! He loves the Lori Berkner band! His favorite song is Five Days old...I love it too!

Better run...need to make panakes, many loads of laundry, meal planning and Mason needs new shoes because he has a giant foot!!!



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