Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Snow expected to hit today around noonish...will see.  Right now it's currently cold and wet.  Originally the forecast was just for snow, but now they think it the roads might be in bad condition come Monday morning.  Which means we might have to delay Mason's surgery considering we have to be in Plano at 7:00am.  Ugh...I just want to have this behind us.  Snow would be nice and Mason sure would enjoy it, but I just wish it could hold off a few more days. 

Scott and I had date night on Friday since mom and dad wanted Mason to spend the night with them on Friday.  I dropped MC off at my mom's office in down town Dallas and then picked Scott up from his office and we headed across the street to the Galleria and had dinner at Mico of our favorites.  They're suppose to be opening a Mico Cina in Rockwall and day now.  After dinner we went did a little shopping and then drove to The Cheese Cake Factory to pick up dessert...cheese cake...yes and Thank You!  Can you tell we like food?!?! We drove back to home climbed in to bed, watched a little TV and then we called it a nights.  Pathetic....I can almost bet Mason was still awake when we turned out the lights. Ha!
And just because...A walk down memory Lane
3 Days Old

12 Months Old
2 Years Old
2.5 Years Old

And now it's snowing!

Stay Warm Y'all,


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