Monday, January 10, 2011

Mason's Surgery

After a very long day, half a bottle of Pinot Noir and some mindless TV...AKA The Bachelor I'm ready to write.  Scott and I woke up at 5:00am this morning to get ready to head to Plano for MC's day surgery procedure.  We woke him up at about 5:20 put new jammies on him, bundled him up and headed on our journey.  There were numerous accidents on the road due to the "icy conditions" more like dumb asses that drive to fast. We made it to Plano in one piece with five minutes to spare before our appointment time.  Once we got into the Pediatric Surgery Center things went rather quick.  Mason was a trooper the whole time not a single tear was shed and by 3:00pm this afternoon he was back to jumping off his bed...I kid you not!  I'm not really surprised are you?!?!  So glad to have this behind us and praying for a quick and easy recovery for little MC.

Sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite!


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