Monday, January 3, 2011

So Proud!

Yesterday my dad came over to finish painting Mason's new Big Boy room and help Scott put his new furniture together. Mason was beyond excited when he saw it with the new paint and new furniture.  When he walked in he said "Wow...this is nice" "thank you Papa" stinkin cute is that?  I wanted  the "big reveal" to take place after his new bedding arrived and I had all of his cute things on his wall, but it was kind of hard to keep him out of there with all the camotion going on.  So since he was sooo excited about his new room and bed I decided I should go a head and see if I could get him to sleep in his new bed.  After a little pep talk and laying down with him in his new bed for about 5 minutes he told be he was ready to go night-night.  I kissed him one last time and then shut the door and walked down stairs.  Scott was sitting on the couch and he noticed that I was starting to tear up.  I couldn't help it; the tears were mostly because I'm sooo proud of him, but a few of them were because he's not exactly a baby anymore and he's growing up too fast. I didn't get much sleep last night because I kept waking up and looking at the video monitor to make sure he didn't fall off the bed. My little man made it all night in his new room.  When I noticed him sitting up in his bed this morning at 7:15am I ran upstair and danced around his room and did a little happy dance for him tell him how proud I was off him.  He started clapping and saying "I did it" "I did it".

I will share pics of MC's new room as soon as his bedding arrives and I finish adding the last few touches.

Have a great Monday ya'll!



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