Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you're going to put him to bed

PUT HIM TO BED!!!  Scott's been working late lately or going straight to the gym after work which result and me putting Mason to bed each night.  Obviously at 2.5 years old we have quite the routine worked out.  We go up stairs, potty, brush our teeth, put on our diaper and jammies, read a couple of books, rock for a minute or two, give him his 2 blankets and lovey that he has slept with since he was about 6ish months, say our prayers, turn out light...Night-Night.  This is not a new routine and Scott is well aware of said routine.  So When Scott called me today and told me that one of his stitches popped(he had dental work done a couple of days ago) and he had an appt at 4:00 and should be home around 4:30...I couldn't help but do a little happy dance because that would mean that he would put him to bed tonight.  This would be his first night to put MC to bed in his big boy room.  Well...he's up there with him for at least 30 minutes...he come down stairs and I can hear MC crying which is rare for night-night time.  I go upstairs because Scott informs me that I have they magic touch...bull shit! I walk in and our little boy has crocodile tears running down because daddy just put him in bed without his 2 favorite blankets and lovey.  MC then informs me that he didn't get to go potty or brush his teeth.  So after all that I still had to go upstairs, remove diaper and jammies, let MC potty, put diaper and jammies back on, brush teeth, rock and kiss Good Night.  So I would say that I put Mason to bed. I guess Scott thought just because our son is sleeping in a big boy bed he automatically gave up his favorite blankets and vice at a time friend. 

Good night Y'all!


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